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Custom Upholstery


We put the same passion as we do in our custom window treatments when it comes to custom upholstery.


Traditional upholstery involves using time-honored methods and materials in order to create comfortable, long lasting seating. The time and skill involved is a reflection of our dedication to performing the right service.

Services include upholstering custom frames and reupholstering antique, traditional, contemporary and modular sofas, loveseats, settees, chairs, and ottomans. Care is taken helping you choose the right fabric, meticulously matching patterns - the sign of a superior upholsterer.

Restoration involves rebuilding or serious repair of antique furniture.  For example the repair of a broken arm or a collapsed cushion, but it may require a "ground up" rebuilding process by a master upholsterer. 


It is important to preserve as much of the original material and wood as possible. New material is typically used when the upholstery is replaced. Some wood components may need rebuilding as well.

We Take Pride In Every Stitch
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