Window Treatments

Both a window to the world, and a window on your personal style, window treatments convey the ambiance of the room and your thoughtful appointment. Whether your inspiration is traditional or luxurious, elegant or contemporary, window treatments convey your connection with the beauty of nature surrounding your home. Your room will come to life, creating a sense of space and fostering your sense of style.






Soft window treatments such as curtains and drapery can greatly enhance the aesthetic of a window and a room. Other available soft treatment options include custom draperies, cornices, valances, swags, jabots, balloons, bedspreads and more.

Services include upholstering custom frames and reupholstering antique, traditional, contemporary and modular sofas, loveseats, settees, chairs, and ottomans. Care is taken helping you choose the right fabric, meticulously matching patterns - the sign of a superior upholsterer.

Restoration involves rebuilding or serious repair of antique furniture.  For example the repair of a broken arm or a collapsed cushion, but it may require a "ground up" rebuilding process by a master upholsterer. 


It is important to preserve as much of the original material and wood as possible. New material is typically used when the upholstery is replaced. Some wood components may need rebuilding as well.

Never underestimate the value of well-designed window treatments.
Things to consider while designing your window treatments


Technology & Experience

Combining the latest computer design software & high-tech equipment with our extensive background and experience, we offer our clients a complete custom interior decorating service to best fit their needs.