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Window treatment hardware including rods, poles and tracks form the means of suspension for different treatments. In essence the function of hardware is to conceal the physical aspects while enhancing the decorative.  Style and material greatly broaden your choices. It's important to choose a style that complements the treatment and the architecture of the room at the same time. 






Curtains open and close with clips and rings. More decorative possibilities can be obtained with brackets and holdbacks. Scarves and swags are hung with swag holders. Hardware is offered in a variety of wood, metal, and stone, offering a variety of accents to complete your treatment.

The windows of
opportunity are endless
The Importance of quality hardware
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Concealed rods vary widely in function and can solve specific decorating issues while swiveling rods can solve problems like interference. Metal poles are available in a wide variety of styles such as wrought iron, country style, sleek or polished chrome.


Wooden poles can be stained,

painted or varnished.  Finials,

the end pieces of rods and poles

are available in a variety of shapes

and motifs. Combining poles with

finials of different shapes and colors is an

interesting way to add your personal touch.


The quality of the hardware you select is as important an investment as the drapery style you wish to have installed.  As professionals we have access to many styles unavailable to the public.

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